Question Homeowners Should Ask About Tree Service

Homeowners are always looking for ways to keep their property clean and neat, and tree service always becomes a major problem to take care for. Many homeowners will look to try to either remove their trees or hire a handyman to take down a very tall tree. The problem is that most people are not clear or sure on how to take down a tree in a proper way. First is a tree rotten and if it is rotten at the top or the bottom. That makes a big difference in which direction the tree will fall whether the right to the left forward or backward. So unless you are clear and understand fully the process of removing a tree from your property, probably better to get a professional to do the job.  Maybe you’re not sure if you do want to take down a tree, or you’re not sure if it’s healthy or rotten inside. Maybe there’s a problem pending on this tree the last thing you want to do is wait to find that out in a storm so it’s always good to have a professional tree service expert evaluate and look at your trees to determine whether they should be taken down.

Choosing the Right Tree Service Company MJM Property Maintenace

Once you decide to get a tree removed, many people search for a professional Tree Service Company.  The reason why this is important is that many people can get hurt or lose their lives with having a tree fall back on them.  Also, comes into question is the soil that the tree is in is it soft is it going to be pulled out of the ground what’s going to happen to the to the tree after we remove it.   When looking for a tree service company to remove the trees from your yard or your property, it’s always good to get a proper clear estimate of the cost involved. Before ever removing that tree or trimming the tree. You should always ask the contractor what type of equipment they use and how long the job will take to be completed.  If they are not removing the tree and just trimming the top.  It’s always important to ask the contractor exactly what type of three tools they use.  How are they’re going trim the tree? Will they need to penetrating the tree or use special equipment to climb?  This is important because of the long-term life of that tree.  Sometimes they may use spikes or what-have-you that penetrate the tree just to climb to the top.  It’s important because you don’t want to ruin the tree is going to get it trimmed they should have a lifting equipment to get high up into the tree not spiking the tree

What to do before you hire a tree service contractor?

Before hiring the tree service expert, it may be a good idea to get some Google reviews or Facebook reviews to see if they do good work and what people are saying about this particular contractor. You should always check with your local government agencies and see if there are any permits that are needed to do the work. I would believe that your contractor would have that information.  And know exactly what they need to do the job. As far as Government goes, each town, state is different so be sure to check with your local officials.  To see if you need a special permit to remove a tree.  Some areas limit the type of trees you can remove based on diameter. You may only be able to take out trees that are not too large. The reason for this is that most towns or trying to keep the consistency of how their properties look crossed a particular area, for example, if you live in a cul-de-sac or certain area each town or that town may not let you cut trees down.  Keeping a consistent look across the town, this may be important for the neighbors, as some may remove all the trees and others may keep it all wooded. So there may be regulations in place you should know them before you move forward.   After the tree has been removed and taken down from the property, what is the next step, what happens now?  Well, the contractor should be removing all of the branches and also that should be discussed before the tree coming down the what happens to the stump. Tree Stump Removal - MJM Property Maintenance   Tree service and removing this stump are two separate jobs. So make sure that is clear before the work gets started by the contractor.  Everything should be outlined exactly what’s going to be done at the time it’s going to be done.  That includes the stump grinding or removal and cleaning up of all the branches. Everything revolving the tree service is very important to be a completed job and not half done.  If you have a fireplace, you may ask the contractor to save you some of the branches to burn in the fireplace. But remember that what is very green it will need to dry out before it’s good for the fireplace or firepit probably the next season would be perfect. This may be a personal preference or opinion,  but I believe you should contact your neighbors on both sides of your home.  Informing them that you’re going to be removing a tree or trees. There’s a lot involved with heavy equipment and time and material it is good that the neighbors can remove their cars understand that you’re going to be taking this tree down.

Will it be covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?

If the tree was damaged in a storm or bad weather it’s very important that you contact your insurance company to see if you have coverage. Check your homeowner’s policy to see if any of that is covered before you hiring a contractor. The insurance company may have a recommended contractor to use, so you will not have to put the money upfront.  But be sure to contact your insurance agent before any decisions are made or any work as is started or completed. The question always comes up if my tree falls down on my neighbor’s home what happens or who pays for that. The general answer is that wherever the tree falls on whoever who’s ever house it falls on that insurance company will pay for the repairs regardless of what property the tree is on. Need more information about Tree Service Call us today

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